Pop corn with soda and movie shows

I love movies! Particularly cheesy disaster movies. I haven’t gotten through the whole Sharknado series, but they are on Netflix. Out-of-control weather, rogue asteroids, earthquakes, volcanoes, evil snow globes–like I said, the cheesier, the better.

My biggest collection tends to run toward sci fi and fantasy, heavy on anything with STAR in the title. I got hooked on fantasy as a kid when I read the John Carter books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been following some writing prompts over the last week or so in order to get myself back in the habit of writing something every day. It didn’t last long. I am totally out of synch with the topics of the prompts. They appear to have been styled for a younger, more socially active audience. Oh, well. It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Read the rest of this entry »

I unearthed my blog this morning and was a little astounded at how long it had been since I posted anything here. Took a while to remember the password and get started again.

Hmmm. Do I really have anything to say? I could rant about the current political inanities, but there are others more eloquent than I. I could recount my life experiences over the past several years, but readers of Facebook already know what I’ve been up to.

I have learned things about myself–the extreme introversion and family history of depression. I have met cousins I didn’t know I had. I have rediscovered my love of knitting and canning applesauce. I am slowly reclaiming a place for myself in my chosen community of faith–a hard thing to do given the internal struggles of that organization.

My spouse and I are in the throes of moving out of what has been our home for 40 years. We’ve only been working on this since 2009. It is a monumental task, fraught with the realities of deferred maintenance.

So, keep me in your prayers as I venture back into the world of blogdom. As always, life continues to be amusing from my point of view.

Peace out and rock on!

Okay—so a couple of weeks ago, my debit card was hacked and $90 was spent at the Apple iTunes (supposedly) store. VISA fraud caught it, called me and we started the process of cancelling that card, getting the money put back into my account and ordering a new card. Fortunately, I didn’t have any bills sitting out there waiting to be paid on that card number. Filled out the fraud paperwork for the bank and made a trip there to turn it in. The money was placed back in my account. A week later, the new card shows up. Another trip to the bank to set the pin number. Stupid waste of time and energy. Got a letter from the bank telling me that the money had been replaced but only provisionally until they decide whether or not I am actually entitled to it. Whatever.

This morning, I attempted to update some apps on my iPod only to be given the message “Your Apple account has been disabled”. Seriously?!? Am I in some kind of electronic limbo until the fraud issue has been cleared up? Have I been deemed guilty until proven innocent? I don’t really care about the apps—they were freebies that I rarely use anyway. It’s more the principle of the thing. I wasn’t even notified that my account was being disabled. That’s just tacky customer service.

At this point, I’m taking the high road and not being totally pissed about the whole thing. I find iTunes to be an annoyance that I choose to put up with in order to make use of my iPod. If this doesn’t clear up soon, though, Apple will get another phone call.

Ahh . . . life continues to be amusing, from my point of view. Stay safe.

  1. Clean smelly things out of refrigerator
  2. Take out kitchen trash
  3. Check mailbox
  4. Re-line kitchen trash can
  5. Sort laundry
  6. Start a load of wash
  7. Vacuum house

By this time, it has become painfully obvious that the computer’s objective for the day is to remind me that my time is probably better spent in other pursuits.

  1. Empty bagless container of vacuum into outside trash can
  2. Check mailbox again since outside anyway

The computer has revived itself—didn’t even have to give it a “warm boot.” Is that term even in computerese anymore or have I just been around that long?

  1. Put away vacuum cleaner
  2. Add fabric softener to second rinse of washing machine
  3. Empty dryer of remainder of towel load done three days ago
  4. Put wet laundry in dryer and actually remember to start it
  5. Put second load of wash in machine, gagging on Simple Green spray used as stain remover

I have found it a little disconcerting that I use my computer time as a rationale for not doing other things when, in reality, those other things take very little time to accomplish and do more to enhance my lifestyle than any amount of laptop time. It probably has something to do with my basic aversion to housework and wanting to grab at any straw that will remove me, however temporarily, from said chores. And we wonder where the kids get it.

When I was growing up, housework was a threat: “This room has to be cleaned before you can watch TV.” This was really a big deal because I was semi-addicted to Saturday morning cartoons and my room was always a hopeless mess. Feeling overwhelmed, and being exceedingly distractible, everything I unearthed was truly buried treasure and required immense amounts of thought and study before it could be lodged in an appropriate place (drawer, closet, trash, wherever).

A particularly dangerous item for me to pick up was a volume of the Encyclopedia Americana. If it should (by accident) fall open, then all bets were off on the continued mucking out of the bedroom. On more than one occasion, I could be found reading a volume cover to cover having made virtually no headway into the mounds of clothing, books, toys and who knows what else populating my floor. In many respects, I have carried that same tendency into middle age, only my distractions of choice are search engines, email, and social networking, with the odd game thrown in for good measure.

But today, I think I have learned something from my Baby Dell. I can get things done and still have time for play. What a revelation!

Life continues to be amusing, from my point of view.

I started this summer by losing my job with the County. It was not unexpected, given the enormous number of layoffs that were taking place, but it still hurt. I spent some time volunteering with the program I had just left in order to help the staff consolidate three offices into one. Not a pretty site.

I signed up with the local Work Force office, received help putting together my resume and attended some workshops. I applied for a lot of jobs and got almost no response. I was asked to participate in a pilot program using on-line education courses. I had free access for three months to as many of the courses as I wanted to take. I spent the majority of my time upgrading my Word and Excel skills, often completing three courses in one day. It’s been interesting and I’ve learned a lot but I could get very similar tutorials from Microsoft and they don’t cost anything either.

The hubby and I made several trips to our house in my hometown and spent a lot of time mowing grass. We have 2/3 of an acre and have considered investing in a goat. I wonder if a goat in the yard would keep the deer and elk from stripping the apple trees. It’s very peaceful and quiet there.

I spent time with my folks helping them adjust to my mom’s knee replacement. She’s doing well, all things considered.

I’ve read a bunch of books, played a bunch of computer games, watched a lot of TV, baked bread, made some scrapbook pages . . .

I have a tentative offer of employment, again with the County, and am waiting for the results of the background check. I have hopes of being back at work by the end of the month.

Time has gone quickly. Before you know it, our out-of-town kids will be showing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our family has grown since we were all together last.

Life continues to be amusing from my point of view.

My poor little laptop caught some nasties last night and all we could do for it was to start over. I don’t think I really lost much . . . just some scrapping things that I hadn’t backed up. Now, I’m reloading stuff and attempting to get back up and running. I feel sorry for those who have the need to attack others in a lame effort to feel better about themselves. Get a life!

I’ve been laid up lately with a bum knee and the last thing I wanted to do over the weekend was tromp the aisles of a grocery store. I logged on to Safeway.com and walked up and down the virtual aisles and filled my virtual cart with food.

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My hubby and I took a little trip last weekend to celebrate our anniversary–37 years. Nothing to sneeze at. We spent the weekend in a delightful little inn on the Russian River in Sonoma County and then went to San Francisco to the de Young Museum where there is an exhibit of Dale Chihuly glass. It is really rather stunning. Enjoy the little slideshow.

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OK–so I’ve gotten a little addicted to Wordle. Here’s one I did using a definition for metaphor.

And I just noticed that I misspelled “metaphor” when I named the word cloud. Oh, well . . . Read the rest of this entry »